Pregnancy & Postpartum Care

Pregnant Woman Exercising 1

Your pelvis is safe with us.

Our highly skilled pelvic physical therapists are board certified level or equivalent doctors of physical therapy with years of training and expertise in the pregnant and postpartum body.  Our evidence-based care throws away the old adage that everyone should do kegels, or that crunches are always evil. Each body postpartum is different depending on previous fitness level, method of delivery, supportive care...and each person’s GOALS are different.  Maybe you weren’t a runner but want to be one, or maybe you want to return to ultras. Maybe you are avid in heavy weight lifting or just lifting a car seat with your new baby. One size does not fit all, so each person’s course of treatment and plan of care are carefully designed with your body and your goals in mind. 

Our unique knowledge of the prenatal and postpartum body allows our pelvic physical therapists to assess scar tissue, not just for the quality of the tissue but the knowledge of the hormones, impact of lactation if that is occuring, and all the other aspects of the postpartum body that are different. 

Diastasis recti?  We got you.

Low back pain?  We got your back.

Scar tissue? Tearing? C section?  Prolapse? Leaking? Just feeling core weakness?  Check, check, check.

Want to have a comprehensive plan to safely return to your sport or activity?  Pack your yoga pants or your sneakers, and let’s do an evaluation and get you movin’.  Come find out why the Indigo method is different. 

Don’t forget to check our events page to learn about our in-house resources for birth and postpartum support groups, lactation support groups (all free), infant massage classes, birth education classes in Baltimore.