We treat runners of all life stages and fitness levels, from novice to Olympian – from the ground up and top down, considering all elements of what goes into running.

Why Runners See Us

With expert insight in the science of sport and performance from body efficiency to power, endurance, strength, to what drives you mentally, we can help you achieve or surpass your unique goals.

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Common Symptoms We Treat Include


Prepare your body optimally for carrying the increased weight and shifting of center of mass, as well as the various physiological changes that lead to increased mobility and flexibility, intra-abdominal pressure, and other changes that occur during pregnancy so that you can make educated decisions about your running plans during pregnancy but also best prepare your pelvis for the birth you desire. Labor and birthing is often about opening the pelvic outlet and allowing muscles to relax and lengthen- we teach you how to do that without compromising strength.


We can’t recommend pelvic physical therapy enough postpartum. Whether you had a c section, a vaginal delivery, are breastfeeding/lactation or not, a tear or episiotomy, diastasis recti- in any scenario evidence shows that having certain strength and flexibility markers within certain time windows postpartum are strong indicators of success in returning to run without injury or impact. From footwear changes to arch, pelvic basin, posture, rib, breath and abdominal changes, to phases of gait and running stance shifts with a running stroller, we address all that goes into running postpartum.

Runners of All Life Stages

Although the pelvic floor is the ‘floor of your core,’ it is often neglected in runners, or- more too frequently- overworked, tight, and unable to function properly to facilitate your abdominals and diaphragm, which controls your breath (and body’s ability to oxygenate.) This can present like:
• Leaking urine with running or impact
• Low back pain
• Poor force transfer with step
• SIJ instability or pain
• Glute amnesia, hip pain, poor hip extension
• Diastasis recti (abdominal separation) that is reluctant to close Etc.


Running can increase inflammation and have other physiological effects on your body: both positive and negative. Timing during the menstrual cycle, addressing scar tissue, physical fatigue management and training strategies are critical to keep you up and running and doing what you love.


Our hands-on, whole body approach and Indigo “special sauce” of complex systems allows us to treat common running injuries with a greater perspective.

Physical Therapy

Let’s get you back to doing what you love to do. Our practitioners have the highest possible certifications, offer deep experience across a range of both common and complex or rare issues, and are passionate about ongoing, personalized, and collaborative care with client’s entire care team, including medical doctors, wellness and alternative care providers.