I hope this finds you all glowy and light (perhaps thanks in part to my spicy wish list from last month? But I’m a realist, I work in the medical field, and it’s a fact that January is just plain rough on us. 

This is not tragic – this is natural. 

After pouring into others for a couple of months straight, you’re pooped. (And yes – despite those trending posts glorifying the grind and the hustle, you’re human and there’s no shame in admitting that.)

Still, everywhere you turn is content littered with cliche mantras about abundance and intense declarations from influencers that they’re going to take the world by storm. And maybe they will. 

But, maybe you just want to have an orgasm?

Maybe you want to have a human? 

Maybe you want to feel good?

Maybe you want a nap!

Look, I’m certainly not anti-resolution. I just want to talk about the power and brilliance involved in tuning out that noise. Steering yourself away from the frenetic energy we tend to shove into the month of January – the endless narratives that NOW is the time to make the next year a success of massive proportions…”whatever it takes”. When in fact, so often we’re in dire need of rest and reflection after the holidays and the end of another year. 

January is NOT a make it or break it moment. 

It is not a starting line. There is no race. 

It is a blank slate. And it’s yours

So, without further ado… here’s how to trade the pressure of perception for the pleasure of intention. 

  • Be receptive. Your resolution doesn’t need to be grand or big or bold or fashionable. It doesn’t need to measure up to anyone else’s standards. It just needs to feel good. If your health and wellness is a priority going into this new year, please listen to your body closely. And listen the first time – not the second, third, fourth or fifth time. Don’t shush the nagging pain because it is “manageable”. Don’t tolerate dysfunction because “it’s super common.” 
  • Be flexible. When you’re putting effort into something new, it’s really important to stop and check in with yourself. Does it feel as good as you thought? Does the work make you feel happy? Fulfilled? Free? Maybe you resolve to boost your physical activity, and as you get into cross fit you’re having pain and incontinence. That doesn’t necessarily mean you need to stop working out. You may need to shift from cross fit to yoga while working with a pelvic PT until you can get back to “the box.” This may feel like a detour or plan derailed, but in fact your success will be healthier and more sustainable in the long run. 
  • Be choosy. Part of feeling good is feeling supported – physically, emotionally. In your own body, and by those around you. Thoughtful, personalized care by supportive partners is invaluable when it comes to your wellness. Many of our clients have tried mobile apps or worked with other PT’s before coming to Indigo. Don’t get me wrong – apps are great for a lot of things like starting an exercise routine or even sharpening your memory (shout out to my personal fav, Wordle). They’re easy, accessible, cheap. But they’re generally “one size fits all” – fine for vocabulary, not ok for pelvic health. Your body is individual with specific strengths and needs. And your lifestyle and goals are unique to you. Be choosy about your care and get it right the first time (…not the second, third, fourth or fifth time). Ensuring you have the right partner and approach will make you that more likely to be successful (not starting over) come January 2025. 
  • Mindset is everything. Again, please try to resist the frenzy – and tune out the distraction of others. You deserve your own undivided attention. If I’ve said it once I’ve said it a thousand times; try to spend a little less time in your feed… and a little more time looking inward. You also deserve your own kindness and grace. I don’t know exactly how we came to cast shame on so many things that bring us pleasure, but it simply doesn’t make sense. Please release that. Similarly, I don’t know how we came to suffer the things we desire. (By the way, this is one I’m actively working on.) But my ah-ha moment came from a running mentor who shared with me how he came to look at hills – instead of with disgust or hatred or thoughts of pain – with sheer hunger for the outcome. And that shift from “ugh” to “I effing love this hill” is easier than you think if you are consistent. So start sooner than later. 
  • Show up.  Whether it’s an appointment, a run, a first date, or a nap(!), if it serves the growth or change you seek, don’t let anyone (including yourself) or anything stop you. Show up fully and do that thing. 

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