Unwind And Delight: Dr. Sam’s December Pleasure Guide

As December unfolds and the holiday season whirls into full swing, it’s essential to take a moment for yourself amidst the joyful chaos.

I know this time of the year can be overwhelming.  

The holiday season can quickly become a delicate balancing act between work commitments, family obligations, and trying to take care of your own self. 

That’s why in the spirit of embracing pleasure and well-being, my festive gift to you is my spicy wishlist. 

All of the items on the list I have researched, vetted and recommended to my clients. Please note we don’t receive a commission on any of the products on the list, nor are they sponsored.

My spicy wishlist…

1. Maude Vibe for a sleek and discreet vibrator.

You can use this sleek vibrator in multiple ways, and it’s a great entry-level vibrator for those new to this level of spice in their lives. 

Its discreet form means if someone stumbles upon it in your drawer, you don’t have to offer any explanation (muscle massager!) 

Bonus: it’s 100% FDA silicone grade material, which is critical as many products are now made abroad and may have latex or phthalates. Extra bonus? Maude is a female-founded company. 

2. The OhNut for penetration without the pain.

For those who have partners who want that deep penetration but sometimes you feel that bump on your cervix (ouch!), this ring is stackable and allows you to have control without losing the sense of penetration. 

Bonus? It can be used for constriction on a partner with a penis for extra pleasure.

3. Spice up your book club with Come As You Are by Emily Nagowski 

This book can help you and your partner understand the vulva, sexuality, and orgasms. It’s research-based but lacks the gaudy element of similar books of its kind from the past. 

Pregnant? Reach for Pelvic Prep School A Guide to Preparing Your Pelvis for Each Stage of Pregnancy, Birth & Beyond.

4. Stuff your friend’s stockings with lube

Lubrication is extra important, especially when things feel off postpartum, while lactating, or in hormonal changes like perimenopause or menopause. 

Stash the smaller bottles in your clutch for on-the-go slip. My recommendation?   

Maude’s Shine or UberLube are two of my favorites for clients. 

UberLube is silicone-based, so it can’t be used with silicone toys or massagers. Want more on lube? Stay tuned for our future newsletter!

5. Dame’s Arc for internal and external exploration.

Another female-founded company on the list, Dame’s Arc, gives you or your partner more internal control and pleasure in discreet, sleek packaging that won’t make TSA’s eyebrows rise as you scoot through the airport for holiday travel. 

Two-thirds of the clitoris is actually internal, so explore your pleasure spots with the Arc, then communicate to your partner how to best touch you.

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