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Hey friends, It’s high time we address our trouble getting down.  Yep, I want to delve into sexual dysfunction, a topic that’s often kept behind closed doors but deserves our attention. And what better time than love month?  One thing

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I hope this finds you all glowy and light (perhaps thanks in part to my spicy wish list from last month? But I’m a realist, I work in the medical field, and it’s a fact that January is just plain

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Presence > Presents 

Welcome to the blustery, busy, season of bright lights, gift giving and merriment. The pressure to give that perfectly thought out gift, spend your already limited time with family and friends, and make the season for those around you “merry

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Let August Be August

Let July be July. Let August be August. And let yourself just be even in the uncertainty. You don’t have to fix everything. You don’t have to solve everything. And you can still find peace and grow in the wild

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The Weight We Carry

Whether it be while maturing into adulthood, during pregnancy, postpartum, fertility treatments, or transcending through the gossamer cloud of perimenopause, the focus of much of the conversation is on weight.  Too much weight gain, cause of weight gain, accepting weight

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The Science Behind Successful Habit Forming

So, how are we doing with that spring goal we talked about last month? Habit formation has 4 steps: a cue, a craving, a response, and a reward. Cue: Trigger your brain daily; let it see a reminder. Stacking habits

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