Yoga/Pilates Studio Classes

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Join us as Indigo Physio opens our movement studio, adjacent to our Baltimore City location.  Find a home in your body, guided by highly trained yoga instructors with our expert physical therapists, and rejoin community in our small group classes.  Our newly renovated, light and airy studio is ground floor level with ample parking.  We welcome all levels, from people looking to dip their toes in for the first time to long time practicing yogis. 

Yoga Classes

Indigo’s yoga and Pilates classes are inclusive and for all bodies.  Indigo practice’s trauma informed, affirming yoga, physical therapy, and bodywork. Please see below for our class descriptions and register at the link below.

Prenatal Yoga

Join Indigo’s highly trained and specialized yoga instructors, guided by our own pelvic physical therapists, as they assist you in comfort and body and mind preparation on your prenatal journey towards birth.  Prenatal yoga incorporates light vinyasa postures combined with deliberate breathing that can be used through each trimester of pregnancy and postpartum. Combinations of stretching, focused breathing, and asana are used to promote relaxation, and meditation, as well as preparing the necessary core and hip strength, pelvic bowl opening, and strength necessary for laboring in various positions.  Prenatal yoga is open and welcome to all birthing individuals in all stages of pregnancy.  Find comfort, resources, and community in our classes. 

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Postpartum Yoga

Join Indigo’s highly trained and specialized yoga instructors, guided by our own pelvic physical therapists, as you metamorphosize into your parenthood journey- mind and body.  Postpartum yoga incorporates light vinyasa postures combined with deliberate breathing, abdominal initiation, stretching that is mindful of hormones and their impact on your mobility, pelvic floor and core restoration, and much more. Combinations of stretching, focused breathing, and asana are used to promote safe muscle engagement, initiation of more endurance holds, posture, body awareness, balance, and much more.  Find comfort, resources, and community in our classes. 

Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa Flow emphasizes asanas (movements) guided by deliberate breathing patterns. A vinyasa flow enables one to combine the body, breath and spirit through a series of postures. This practice introduces a meditative state that creates mental and physical strength, freedom, and unity between the body and the mind. Vinyasa caters to all beings providing a unique experience for each individual.

Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga is a slow-paced style of yoga incorporating principles and teaching of traditional Chinese medicine. Each posture is a light stretch held for a longer period of time tapping into the connective tissue of the body. Yin Yoga is an excellent form of release and relaxation enabling improved joint mobility, flexibility, increases circulation, reduced stress and anxiety, and creates equilibrium of the organs to improve Chi.

Prenatal & Postpartum Pilates


Yoga for Runners

Yoga for Runners will guide you through a series of asanas (postures) to ignite physical and mental strength and bring a greater sense of balance and resilience, which you can take off of your mat to hit the ground running.

Yoga for Pelvic Pain


Yoga + Pelvic PT Package

All new pelvic physical therapy clients will receive 1 free yoga class upon completion of appointment.

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COVID precautions for classes:

Classes will be limited in participants in order to allow for social distancing.  Masks will be required for participants and instructors; all of Indigo’s staff and instructors are vaccinated. Please wash your hands upon arrival.  All participants will have temperature checks and COVID screening performed.  Please bring your own yoga mat.  

Class cancellation policy:

Class registrations not cancelled within 24 hours will be charged.  As our class sizes are limited, this allows waitlist participants to schedule.

Our Team

Judy Kurjan-Frank, MA, CMA, RYT200, RPYT

Judy Kurjan-Frank, MA, CMA, RYT200, RPYT is a Baltimore based yoga teacher, dancer, choreographer, dance educator, and Certified Movement Analyst. She received her BA in dance at the University of Maryland, College Park, and her MA in Dance education at New York University. After teaching dance in New York City public schools, she returned to Maryland and brought her dance program to Baltimore CIty Public Schools. During this time she became a Certified Movement Analyst through the Laban Bartenieff Institute of Movement Studies. She also became a certified yoga teacher through Charm CIty Yoga, and a certified prenatal yoga teacher under the direction of Heather Brown at the Womb Room, where she held a community creative movement class for toddlers and young children. She has performed and taught movement up and down the East coast and as far away as Kampala, Uganda.

Photo credit: Matt Kelley

Judy Kurjan-Frank Pregnant Headstand

Abbey Lane-Sulton, RYT200, RPYT

Abbey Lane-Sulton is a RYT 200, RPYT, and Yin Yoga instructor.  Her teaching career started in 2019 with a mission to help others through anxiety and mental/physical pain and uncomfort through the practice of Yoga. Abbey's affirming and trauma informed teaching style incorporates several types of yoga including Hatha, Forrest, Yin, and Restorative. Through her studies as a current graduate student in Nutrition, she has developed a passion for women's health which led her to become a prenatal yoga instructor in addition to her other yoga coursework. Abbey's teaching philosophy is to provide space for everyone to be comfortable and safe in their own bodies and minds through an exploration of movement.

Kimberly Summers MBA, RYT200, RYPT, ACE-CPT, INHC

Kimberly's yoga journey started as a way to heal from an injury sustaining car accident.  Throughout the years, her yoga practice has helped her to cope with life’s happenings.  After completing her 200 hr. Yoga Teacher Training through Yama Yoga Collective in Baltimore, MD, in 2015, she realized that this gift needed to be shared. Kimberly has training in Hatha, YIN, Prenatal and Postpartum Yoga. She is a Certified Personal Trainer, Health Coach and loves to bake! Her classes mirror her gentle spirit, provide support and are judgement free. She loves a vast variety of music and always aims to create a safe space for you to find your yoga.
Photo Credit: Daryl Taylor

Kirtana Kalavapudi, M.P.H., Esq., RYT PRYT

As a yoga teacher, Kirtana is certified to teach both Vinyasa Yoga and Yoga Sculpt.  In the early years of her yoga practice, Kirtana enjoyed teaching and taking hot vinyasa and yoga sculpt classes at a studio in Baltimore.  After becoming pregnant, Kirtana shifted her yoga practice to focus more on pre-natal yoga that was restorative in nature and strengthening of her pelvic floor and core to prepare her for labor and postpartum.  Since having a baby, Kirtana has committed to a self study of adapting her vinyasa and restorative yoga practices to support herself as a mid-distance runner and noticed a tremendous improvement in her physical and mental strength during her training runs.  As a result of this self study, Kirtana has also discovered that balance and inner strength, both physical and mental, comes from acknowledging where one's body is in the present moment and harnessing the power of one's breath to navigate through changes in life, both on and off of one's mat.  Last but not least, Kirtana has committed to honoring the eight limbs of yoga, an indigenous practice from South Asia, by taking classes from BIPOC yoga teachers, showing others the deep connection between yoga and social justice, and being a vehicle for change in her community.
In her free time, Kirtana enjoys training and racing for mid-range races such as 5K(s) and 10K(s) and spending time with her toddler and husband!

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