Televised Media

See Dr. Sam & the Indigo Team in Televised Media

Dr. Sam on Teach Me Sex (11/3):

Dr. Sam shares her opinions about how Sex and Pleasure are two different worlds.

Dr. Sam on WJZ Baltimore (7/30):

Coffee With Indigo Physiotherapy

Dr. Sam on ABC7 DC (6/15):

Understanding perimenopause and four questions to ask your OBGYN

Dr. Sam on Fox45 Baltimore (5/11):

Physical Fitness and Sports Month

Dr. Sam on Fox45 Baltimore (5/4):

Mother's Day Gifts for New Moms

Dr. Sam on Fox5 Washington D.C (4/17):

Laundry and exercise clothes

Dr. Sam on Fox45 New (4/11):

Spring back into exercising

Dr. Sam on Fox 45 (2/12):

Valentines Gifts for New Moms

Dr. Sam's Interview with WBAL Baltimore (9/21):

Tips for Running Routine and Postpartum Running

Dr. Sam's Interview with Fox Baltimore (9/20):

Getting Back into Running Post Quarantine

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