Feeling overwhelmed postpartum?

Get immediate postpartum care from the comfort of your home with our Telehealth Services.

If you’re a new birthing parent
(whether it’s your first or fifth!),
you undoubtedly have some questions.

Maybe you’ve had an unexpected complication, a traumatic delivery with forceps or vacuum,
or an emergency c-section. Perhaps you’re leaking urine way beyond anticipation, you broke your tailbone during birth or have immobilizing pain.

On the flip side, you may feel great and wonder what you can do and return to. Or you have questions about the next steps and recovery recommendations.

But the reality is, you might not have any experts to turn to where you live, or you simply don’t feel ready yet to leave the house with your little one in tow.

Our initial telehealth evaluation allows you to stay in the comfort of your home with your newborn and get the answers you are looking for.

Whether you have some burning questions before your 6-8 week postpartum clearance or even if you just don’t feel like leaving your house yet after this period – this is your chance to speak to our expert pelvic physical therapists, who specialize in the nuances of postpartum recovery.

Expert postpartum care designed around you

Instantly book your session

No waiting time, so you can get the answers you need immediately.

Join your online session from anywhere,

even in your pajamas. Plus, you can have your baby next to you.

Enjoy a full hour of 1:1 uninterrupted time

with a doctor of physical therapy to get the answers you need.

About Indigo

Indigo is a comprehensive healthcare practice that treats pelvic physical therapy.  We work with bodyworkers and other health practitioners to bring the whole person back to function. 

We’re the leading pelvic floor clinic in the region, with 7 physical locations across Maryland, Virginia and the greater DC Metro Area. 

Our pelvic physical therapists are board certified level or equivalent doctors of physical therapy with years of training and expertise in the pregnant and postpartum body.

Your first evaluation: Here’s what to expect

Step 1 - Objective Evaluation

Your practitioner will visually assess factors such as scars, posture, and how you carry or hold your baby.

This part of the evaluation is tailored to your specific needs and concerns, ensuring a customized approach to your care journey.

Step 2 - Subjective Evaluation

You and your doctor of physical therapy will talk about your pregnancy, birth and how you’re currently feeling. 

You can also expec at questions related to your prior physical activity and medical history, as well as about bowel, bladder, pain and sexual function. 

You’ll discuss your goals and how you can reach those together. If you have any immediate concerns, these will be addressed, and/or the appropriate referrals will be made.

Step 3 - Personalized Assessment

Using the information gathered in the subjective and objective evaluation, your practitioner will conduct an overall assessment to identify areas of focus.

From there, you'll receive personalized recommendations, including self-care management, scar and healing techniques, therapeutic exercises, and pain management tactics.

Your provider will guide you through these recommendations during the session and follow up with detailed instructions via email, complete with visual aids and any appropriate referrals based on their findings.

Step 4 - Plan of Care

Together with your therapist, you'll collaboratively develop a plan of care aligned with your goals and functional needs. 

This plan may include follow-up visits as needed, based on your progress and your needs.

Here’s how we’re supporting postpartum patients

I came to Indigo about a year ago with public symphysis pain in the postpartum and my only regret is that I didn’t come during pregnancy. The Dr. was so thorough and skilled at understanding my lifestyle and needs and what I was capable of doing. I was able to build back my core of postural strength so much better after my second child with her than I did on my own with my first. If you are doubting for any reason, just go. It was money so well spent.

- Julia R.

I started with Indigo about 7 weeks postpartum after my second delivery which resulted in tearing. I felt nervous going into my first session, but she made me feel comfortable really quickly and confident that she could help. After just a few months I feel back to health without the need for expensive or invasive surgical procedures.

- Abbie L.

My favorite part of my week/month is hands down when I get to see these Indigo ladies. I went in feeling broken and afraid, and leaving feeling empowered and so thankful that I have caring professionals to guide me through the postpartum process. Before going to Indigo, I had no idea about the type of postpartum care that women needed. I wish that more people knew about these health care services prior to giving birth. If you are pregnant or postpartum do yourself a favour and go to Indigo Physiotherapy.

- Alana G.

Navigating postpartum

Guiding you through recovery and beyond

Immediate Support

Get answers to your questions and concerns about postpartum symptoms, pain, and recovery recommendations without waiting for an in-person appointment.

Expert Guidance

Benefit from expert guidance on functional movements, transfers, bed mobility, and other postpartum recovery exercises tailored to your individual needs. 

This may include the use of bracing or banding, scar healing techniques, breathwork, initial contractions or exercises to perform (or avoid), using modalities such as ice or heat, baby wearing or carrying techniques, car seat carrying, and optimal sleep positioning.

Health Check-Up

Gain awareness of potential red flags for postpartum complications such as swelling, persistent fever, excessive bleeding, and nerve injuries, with prompt referrals as needed.

Return-to-Activity Planning

Develop a personalized plan for gradually returning to activities and exercise based on your healing progress, comfort levels, and specific postpartum needs. We support you in making the fourth trimester about connection, joy and healing, sparing you the mental labor of figuring out what you can and cannot do. 

Comprehensive Treatment Ideas

Receive education on tissue healing principles, mobility considerations, scar care, breastfeeding postures, constipation management, energy conservation, and more to support your postpartum recovery journey.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Anything that you are comfortable with as long as you are modestly covered.
We don’t need to look at anything under underwear during a telehealth visit.

Anything that you are comfortable with as long as you are modestly covered.
You don’t need anything specific to prepare for your session. If you have any pertinent information to share with us, including whether you are wearing or using assistive devices (such as braces), we may want to see it.

100% yes. Nursing or pumping as needed during a session is fine!

We use a HIPPA-compliant telehealth server, so you can rest assured that everything we discuss will remain secure and confidential.

You and your physical therapist will review your case and goals and discuss a plan of care and follow-up visits that meet your needs.

We don’t need to see anything under your underwear. In some cases, we may ask your consent to examine your C-section scar, abdominals, breathing pattern, or something similar, in which case you may decline.

Please fill out your intake form beforehand, have your device charged, and be in a quieter space with minimal distractions if possible.

You can choose any PT within the state you reside/currently are in within Indigo.

Due to HIPAA regulations, you may not record your session. However, we’ll provide you with extensive notes, detailed exercises, and recommendations in written form after the session.

Indigo is an in-network provider for the Johns Hopkins University Employer Health Plan. We are “out of network” for other insurance plans, but we will submit a claim for you as a courtesy so that you receive partial reimbursement. Operating in this way allows us to dictate the best treatment for clients’ diagnoses and to see them as frequently or infrequently as the plan of care we develop together requires. Being an independent practice also affords us the opportunity to be fully transparent about patients’ healthcare costs.

Our telehealth service is for anyone looking for immediate answers without having to leave the comfort of their home. You’ll work with the same physical therapists as if you were visiting us in person. If you’d like, you are welcome to continue your journey with us in one of our 7 locations in the region of MD and VA.

Our focus for now is on new parents 0-6 weeks postpartum who are residents of Virgina and Maryland. However, we believe that everyone should have access to expert postpartum care regardless of where they are based. So even if you’ve already had your 6-week clearance and you don’t have expert care nearby, or you simply don’t feel ready to leave your house yet, then you can always still count on us. We’ll gladly assist anyone up to 1 year postpartum at the moment, but if you live in an underserviced area within Marlyand and Virginia and are outside of the 1 year postpartum timeframe, but still want Indigo’s help, please contact us to book on: 1-888-803-4244.


Once-a-year Special


Calling ALL Types of Moms and Parents use code

when booking your appointment*

Schedule an initial evaluation for physical therapy during the week of May 4-12 & receive a FREE FOLLOW-UP VISIT worth $135 or more.

From Step-Mom to Plant-Parent,
There’s a Nurturer in All of Us

*just add the code to the notes section at checkout


Once-a-year Special


Schedule an initial evaluation for physical therapy during the week of May 4-12 & receive a FREE FOLLOW-UP VISIT worth $135 or more.

Calling ALL Types of Moms and Parents use code

when booking your appointment*

From Step-Mom to Plant-Parent,
There’s a Nurturer in All of Us

*just add the code to the notes section at checkout