A message from Dr. Sam on our continued response

Dear Friends of Indigo: Our mission has always been to support pelvic health — during pregnancy and postpartum, through pelvic pain and dysfunctions, and in whatever unique capacities our patients have needed treatment. During this extremely difficult and unprecedented health crisis, we want you to know that providing support continues to be our highest priority. As we continue to shift and evolve in our response to COVID-19 as new information becomes available, I’d like to share how Indigo has modified our clinical practice.

1. We are vaccinated: All of our working team members have received their COVID-19 vaccination.  We continue to follow all protocol and safety measures, including wearing KN-95 masks and those outlined below.

2. Limiting interactions: We’ve taken drastic measures to  keep our team and clients safe. Our pelvic PTs are now each working on a staggered schedule, and we are staggering clients 15 minutes apart, so that there is not more than one person moving about the practice.  Once you enter the clinic, you will proceed to the treatment room without waiting after washing your hands.

3. Guidelines: We are closely following the guidelines from the State Board, the APTA of MD, the APTA, CDC, Gov Hogan, Federal guidelines, and CDC Guidelines and are practicing the most conservative and aggressive standards available.

4. Screening: We have a multi-point screening tool in place for each client prior to their visit, as well as each practitioner.  We are also waiving late cancel fees for clients who may be ill or exposed, as a precaution.  Additionally, we are taking contact-less temperatures of all clients and staff upon entry.

5. Cleaning and Sanitation: Between each and every client, all entry/room/bathroom door knobs, handles, chairs, stools, beds, etc. are disinfected.  We have hand sanitizer throughout the practice, as well as require that clients wash their hands immediately upon entering the clinic, and post treatment before cashing out.

6. PPE:  All practitioners are wearing gloves, shields or goggle glasses, masks, and admins are wearing masks and following rigorous hygiene.  Practitioners are being very mindful of their own clothing and have spares in the studio as a precaution.

7. Studio: Our office has been rearranged to allow for social distancing in the studio, and we have purchased barriers and other items allowing for laundering things (ie yoga towels for mats).  Every surface you touch will be washed or sanitized- if it can’t be (ie throw pillows), they have been removed.  We now have HEPA air filters going in every room in the studio, all waste cans have lids, and much more.

8. Treatment: Modifications will be made for treatment that we feel is higher risk.

9.  Telehealth: We’re ready to treat you where you are — and that means at home. Whether you are vulnerable, have a vulnerable person you care for, or just don’t want to be seen in person, we have Telehealth Video, a HIPAA-compliant system that allows us to work with patients remotely.  We are the experts in our fields, which gives us the ability to easily pivot into a digital domain. We’re excited to serve you in this new capacity.

10. Other Virtual Services: And you can now find more of our services virtually — from Pineapple Connections virtual fertility support group, to virtual Childbirth Education classes. More digital content is coming each day! Watch this space for more updates.

11. Learning: We are constantly updating these policies, adding to them, modifying and evolving as new information and protocols become available.

We’re here to answer any questions you may have! Connect with us directly by emailing at [email protected] or calling (443) 256-4162. We know this is a difficult time, and we’re here to help you through it. We’re all in this together. #bmorestrong #baltimoretogether