Visceral Manipulation

Visceral manipulation is a gentle, manual technique that works closely with the body’s internal structures. “Viscera” refers to your body’s organs and internal connections. Just like other parts of the body, the organs move as you do, even with movements as little as breathing.

Visceral Manipulation

Given the complex internal framework of the body composed of connective tissue, nerves and vessels, internal restrictions can result in significant dysfunctions that may or may not stem from the site of your pain.

Your body is designed to function. When a restriction is limiting that function, your body will compensate and surround the lesion in an attempt to maintain function. When dysfunction persists in the viscera of the body, you may experience referred pain patterns that mimic common musculoskeletal dysfunctions, altered hormones and energy levels, disruptions in major systems such as digestive abnormalities. Regardless of how the dysfunction was created, be it trauma, injury, emotional distress, surgery, etc., it can be addressed with this “organ-specific fascial mobilization.”

Our highly trained visceral manual therapists in Baltimore, provide an integrative approach to your treatment; healing the body from the inside out.


Why Choose Indigo

We are elevating everything about healing the human body. The high level of training and board level equivalent status of our practitioners allows us to facilitate a faster, more comprehensive approach to clients’ pain relief and functional progress.


In keeping with our commitment to a comprehensive approach to treatment, our bodywork offerings include both massage therapy and craniosacral therapy. While massage therapy is focused on the muscles and soft tissue of the body, craniosacral therapy is focused on the central nervous system using light-touch and gentle traction.