Tailbone Pain

Coccygodynia, pain in sitting, tailbone dislocation are all names for pain at the tailbone!  When the tailbone is injured most people will feel pain while walking up stairs, sitting on firm chairs and even report pain with bowel movements or sexual function.  Often, this injury is a result of falling right on the tailbone or from a childbirth injury.  Regardless of the cause of your injury at Indigo, we address your symptoms directly.  Treatment involves detailed evaluation of the position of the tailbone and all the muscles that attach to this bone.  By improving the position of your tailbone AND ensuring all the surrounding muscles are healthy and happy we will get you back to moving and sitting without even thinking of your tailbone.

Our treatment will include manual therapy to provide safe, gentle mobilization to the coccyx bone as well as specific manual tissue release to all the surrounding muscles.  Specific exercise prescriptions will also increase your confidence in keeping your tailbone healthy and happy at home.  In Baltimore, you can trust that Indigo’s pelvic health experts can help you overcome tailbone pain and coccygodynia.

Other conditions that cause tailbone pain include:

  • Levator ani syndrome
  • Proctalgia fugaz
  • Anorectal spasm