Pediatric Pelvic Health

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Indigo is proud to be the only pelvic health clinic offering specialized care to the kiddos of the Baltimore region.  Pediatric pelvic health is a niche area of pelvic floor rehabilitation that is crucial to kiddos experiencing bowel or bladder symptoms.  Pediatric care begins at age 5; the age children have developmental control of the bladder and bowel.  All care with kiddos is with a caregiver present and addresses all muscles externally.  We empower children to understand their bodies and have consent and a voice in all of their care.

The common concerns addressed include:

  • Giggle incontinence
  • Night time wetting (Enuresis)
  • Constipation
  • Day time bladder leakage
  • Pain with bowel movements
  • Abdominal pain

*Pediatric pelvic health begins at age 5; the age children have developmental control of the bladder and bowel.


Giggle Incontinence

The most common bladder symptom children experience is giggle leakage.  This is a type of leakage that happens with laughing and exercise; we call this stress incontinence in adults!  With help from our expert therapists children can overcome giggle leakage and feel confident and happy laughing and playing.  This confidence is essential for a child to feel secure in their social environments.  At Indigo we work with the child and caregiver to target the strength and coordination of the core muscles and the pelvic floor.  By improving the coordination of these muscles giggle leakage is eliminated!

 All care is modified to the age of the child and caregivers are active in the treatment provided.  Our goal is to empower you and the child to practice games and exercises between sessions.  “Treatment” is fun and games; literally!  We use lots of kids yoga, playground play and child focused learning to help your child feel comfortable in learning how to care for their body.  The skills our kiddos learned are used for a lifetime to feel comfortable and confident in bladder health.


Enuresis: Night time leakage

Leaking urine at night (enuresis) and waking with wet pajamas is no fun; for caregivers or for our kiddos.  Enuresis is experienced by many kiddos and our experts at Indigo can help.  The key to overcoming enuresis is linking the signaling in the brain for kiddos to “feel” the need to urinate and wake at night.  This process is most successful with targeted care to your kiddo.  Our goal at Indigo is to learn exactly what your child is experiencing and then work with you to develop an action plan that everyone understands and is ready to do! 

Our experts most often address daytime bladder awareness first.  When daytime bladder health is just right we dive into night time!  Our program includes exercise, scheduling and tricks of the trade for caregivers and kiddos to use.  

Often kids tell us their goal for care is to have a sleepover!  We love celebrating that party at Indigo!  Indigo can help your kiddo feel comfortable and confident with sleeping too!



Trouble pooping is a big deal for all of us, especially when it’s a kiddo having trouble.  Pain with passing a bowel movement and difficulty passing is a common symptom kids face and when this becomes a regular problem pediatric pelvic health can help.  At Indigo, we address constipation by looking at the complete bowel health of our kiddos.  Understanding and addressing diet, digestion, toiling habits and the movement of the pelvic floor muscles is how we help kiddos have easy, comfortable bowel movements.  

Typically, with constipation the pelvic floor muscles are “confused” and try to contract when they should be relaxed.  This causes straining and pain.  No fun!  By working with expert care at Indigo kiddos learn how to move the pelvic muscles and how to help the muscles relax for an easy poop!  All our training and care is done outside the body and with caregivers present at all times.  We help kids understand how the body works and then teach them how to use their bodies for easy bowel health.