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Menopause is when a woman’s ovaries naturally stop producing estrogen and progesterone typically after age 45.  Our clients at Indigo are often surprised and disappointed to start feeling the changes that can happen when that hormonal change occurs.  Hot flashes, no period, yes women are familiar with those changes.  Vaginal dryness, leakage, pain with intercourse; what?!  These are not expected changes with menopause.  Your Baltimore pelvic health experts at Indigo address these lesser known and equally disrupting changes.

At the initial session your physical therapist will work to understand your symptoms and concerns.  We then use that information with our physical examination to determine exactly how to address your pelvic health.  We help women improve their vaginal health from the tissues through to the muscles.  By addressing all layers of the pelvis and the vaginal vault we help your body settle into the new normal of menopause.  

Treatment at Indigo is all inclusive.  Typically, manual therapy is used to release muscular spasm or tightness as well as to improve the fascial connections between muscles in and around the pelvis.  When the muscles are ready we guide clients through coordination exercises of the pelvic floor and the inner core.  The connection between the stability muscles of the body is essential to providing support through the pelvis during the changes of menopause.  Every visit we educate our clients on their body and how to best offset the changes of menopause.