International Clients

Due to the plethora of local hospital and private practice systems specializing in pelvic pain or dysfunction, bowel or bladder dysfunction, Indigo often gets requests for bulked treatments from our out of country clients that are visiting local systems concurrently. We are happy to accommodate our international clients with a very specific schedule curated towards your specific needs.

This includes: consulting on your particular goals and needs to decide together how many physical therapy treatments would most benefit you during your time for pelvic physical therapy treatment in Baltimore, so you can best optimize your time with appropriate treatments, without over-treating.

preparing for pregnancy baltimore

Other providers: Indigo is closely allied and acquainted with other pelvic health professionals that specialize in our field, and would be happy to also refer you to, and help coordinate treatment with acupuncturists, personal trainers, therapists, sex therapists, and so forth.

Accommodations/What to Do: Dr. Sam lives in Baltimore City, knows it well, and loves the area. She is happy to recommend local hotels, AirBnB’s, and Inn’s in different price ranges that meet your location needs and how you would like to spend your time outside of Indigo, inclusive of where to go for the best markets, best food, and best coffee!

Due to the specialty of type of coordinated pelvic physical therapy and pelvic health treatment, please allow advance notice to best coordinate our schedules. For more information, please reach out at [email protected].