Dry Needling

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Indigo is pleased to offer a physical therapy manual therapy technique known as dry needling in our Roland Park, Frederick & Mount Airy locations. Dry needling is a technique, different from acupuncture which is based on meridians in the body, that has a targeted form of myofascial release.

In the body, muscles and connective tissue can develop areas called trigger points. These can be felt to the touch, but may also occur at a very deep layer of the muscle. This clumping of fibers can lead to decreased blood flow, altered ability to activate the muscle efficiently, limited range of motion, and pain patterns experienced by clients.

Pain in turn can alter how someone moves, or long term how signals are being sent to the brain with information about the body. Dry needling is thought to change this communication, and affect how muscles and the brain talk to each other to help the system return to a better movement pattern.

Dry needling involves a highly trained and certified trained professional, our very own Dr. Jana, inserting very thin fine needles into targeted muscle groups to stimulate change within the taut bands of myofascial trigger points. Patients may experience muscle soreness, aching, or even a quick twitch of muscle fibers which are indicative of an effective treatment.

At Indigo, leading pelvic pain and orthopedic dysfunction treatment in Maryland, we combine this evidence-based and highly effective treatment with other manual therapy techniques, as well as re-training the muscular and nervous systems post release for the most effective rehabilitation of the body systems. Releasing alone will provide temporary relief, but we want return to optimal strength and function.

Dry needling can be utilized in conjunction with other treatments to facilitate improvement in patient symptoms for both acute and chronic conditions involving joint pain, overuse injuries, migraines/headaches, spinal conditions, pelvic pain, scar tissue, post c-section scar tissue, diastasis recti, and many others.

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