Lactation Consulting

Prenatal Counseling

This is for any expecting mother. Whether this is your first or fifth baby, the Lactation Counselor nurtures and educates you – empowering you to confidently design your own approach to breastfeeding.  We will address any concerns or questions you have. We will cover what to expect and when to call for help.

This Service Will INclude

Physical Therapists

  • Mother’s goal setting
  • Discussion of prior breastfeeding journeys
  • Education on infant’s first stages / skin-to-skin benefits
  • Education on basics of breastfeeding
  • Discussion of any fears, questions or concerns
  • Discussion of warning signs that may require additional support
  • Flange fitting upon request
  • Care plan for client outlining goals and practices associated
  • 7-day follow up via email

60-Minute Visit ————————- $150

Postnatal Counseling

This is for any mother in need. Although many of the challenges we face with lactation and breastfeeding are common, they can be extremely trying on the body and mind. Sometimes we just need that extra support; someone on our team who can give us answers and reassurance. This service covers any postnatal/ postpartum challenges such as tongue or lip tie, painful latching, engorgement, breast pain, inverted nipples, nipple confusion, low baby weight gain, milk supply wonders, transitioning back to work and pumping. 

This Service Will INclude

Physical Therapists

  • Postpartum Depression scale (recommended)
  • Discussion of full health history, including birth and postpartum story
  • General assessment of baby’s oral function and weight
  • General breast assessment
  • Education on latch technique and positioning
  • Introduction to any supplies necessary for successful breastfeeding
  • Flange sizing
  • Care plan for client outlining goals and practices associated
  • 7-day follow up via email
  • Pediatrician report upon request

90-Minute Initial Visit ————————- $150

Follow Up Counseling

This is for any mother who would like a check in after the 7-day follow up window to discuss any continued concerns or refresh the support and education they received in previous counseling with Indigo. It is best for mothers who need to be seen 21+ days after previous counseling with Indigo with new concerns or challenges to be treated as new clients, and so we require a new intake evaluation.

This Service Will INclude

Physical Therapists

  • Combination of counsel and new care plan from initial intake depending on client needs.

60-Minute Follow Up ————————– $125

30-Minute Follow Up ————————– $65

Outside General Intakes/SOS Calling For Added Support

$25 / 15 Min

Cancellation, No-Show, And Late Appointment Policy

Initial evaluations booked online must be cancelled 7 days before the appointment. This is to allow all clients to have an equal opportunity at having convenient appointment times, so Indigo greatly appreciates giving us notice. All other appointments must be cancelled at least 24-hours in advance, or you will be charged 100% of your appointment cost. This ensures that all patients have fair access to the appointment times that work best for their schedules. Please arrive on time to your appointment. We do not extend your appointment time if you arrive late, as it would take time away from other patients.

Payment Due At Time of Service

Indigo Physiotherapy is considered “out of network” for insurance companies, with the exception of Johns Hopkins EHP, which allows us to dictate best treatment for our client’s diagnosis, allows us to see our clients as frequently or infrequently as the plan of care we develop together sees fit, as well as provides for transparent health care costs. If you do have insurance, you can call your carrier to see what the reimbursement policy is for out of network physical therapy providers, and we will happily submit a claim to your carrier on your behalf for free, but payment is due in full at the time of service. We accept all credit cards, Flex Spending Dollars, and Health Savings cards. We do not accept cash. We believe that quality health care should be accessible to all.