Bowel Dysfunction

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Our pelvic health specialists can directly improve your bowel health.  The most common conditions we help with include constipation, rectocele, fecal loss and irritable bowel syndromes.  Other conditions we address include, but is not limited to, Crohn's disease, slow colonic motility, colitis, fecal retention, incompetent anal sphincter and abdominal pain.


Many forms of constipation impact daily health and function such as slow colonic motility, obstructive constipation, incomplete emptying and poor intra-rectal sensation.  Expert pelvic health specialists at Indigo work with your specific symptoms to directly improve your bowel function.

Treatment focuses on the entirety of the GI system from intestine motility all the way through to emptying.  With constipation we often find pelvic floor muscle issues that directly impact bowel emptying.  Our care will include detailed evaluation of your pelvic floor to determine if your pelvic muscles are related to your symptoms.

Most often, care for our bowel health patients includes: manual physical therapy to the abdomen and the pelvic floors muscles, colonic motility, bowel program development, toileting posture and breathing mechanics and many other strategies directed to your specific needs.  For people that are experiencing increased or decreased intra-rectal sensation we offer anal-rectal sensation training.  This is a specialized, expert treatment that our team offers to normalize the sensation of the rectum which leads to normal awareness of bowel urgency and sensations.


One form of pelvic organ prolapse that we address is rectocele.  Rectocele is when the support of the rectum organ changes and allows the rectum to fall into the back wall of the vaginal vault.  Often rectocele causes feelings of vaginal heaviness and incomplete bowel movements. Our expert pelvic health specialists will improve the structural support of your pelvic organs by treating the pelvic floor muscles and your inner core muscles.  By working to improve support of the whole pelvic support system we can reduce your rectocele and directly improve bowel health and function.


Fecal Loss

Stool loss is also known as fecal incontinence.  Research shows that loss of stool impacts a person’s self confidence, exercise and eating habits as well as their sexual function.  In Baltimore, we provide expert care to reduce and eliminate loss of stool.  We will evaluate your physical function as well as your bowel habits to determine why you are losing stool.  Working together our experts improve your bowel control and eliminate stool incontinence.  Ultimately when working with a pelvic health expert not only are symptoms of fecal incontinence eliminated we also improve your inner core support system to help strengthen your back and your pelvic areas.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

IBS can be associated with diarrhea or constipation and sometimes a combination of both.  People with IBS symptoms report daily concern about their bowels, and are eager to learn how to improve their control over their bowel health.  At Indigo, we do just that.  We work with each person individually to help control their symptoms.  Often our treatment includes manual therapy to help the pelvic floor muscles work effectively with bowel movements as well as targeted bowel education and exercise prescription.  Together we reduce the daily stress people experience when managing IBS.  Let us help you reduce the impact of IBS on your life.