Although commercial baby carriers and skin-to-skin devices include instructions, it does not replace one-on-one, hands on assistance. Certified CBWS Babywearing Educator, Austin Rees, provides personalized baby carrier fit checks for families to meet their Babywearing or skin-to-skin needs.

Services can include:

  • Basic skin-to-skin education
  • Troubleshooting with existing carriers
  • An overview of the carriers of your choice:
    • Ring Sling
    • Woven Wrap
    • Meh Dai
    • Stretchy Wrap
    • Buckle Carrier
  • Babywearing safety
  • Step-by-step hands-on instruction

Babywearing Fit Checks can be added onto Infant Craniosacral Therapy sessions or can be stand-alone.

15 minutes- Fit Check for one existing carrier. $25

30 minutes- Fit Check for two existing carriers or learn one new carrier or skill.  $45

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